[Testas] Videos

Chuck, Ben, and Matt chainsaw up a foam head for a one-of-a-kind puppet for the film Bears Discover Fire.

Chuck explains the next stage including stitching a bullet wound and the role of earliners NOPE for HOPE T Shirts @ http://shop.ojaitaxidermy.com/Official-NO…

Chuck explains how to properly measure your bear skull www.ojaitaxidermy.com.

Chuck talks about the history of American Taxidermy, from the 1860s to modern day.

http://www.ojaitaxidermy.com/ Chuck’s Grandma’s glue recipe!

Chuck does a semi strut turkey tail and goes over why he uses Noonie;s freeze dry turkey heads.

Today some tips on getting rid of neck meat before you bring in a deer head. http://www.ojaitaxidermy.com/

http://www.ojaitaxidermy.com/ Chucks Grandmas secret glue recipe.

Part 2 of 3 Chuck mounts a life size bob cat , talks about correct eye set!

Chuck shows how to make a base for small game or bird mount.

http://www.ojaitaxidermy.com/ Chuck reveals the finished deer head to the customer.